Thursday, 18 June 2015

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Monday, 16 March 2015


I've recently returned from a fabulous celebration of books in Dubai, the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. It was a magnificent week of literary delights. 

The festival has a great atmosphere; everyone wanders around, chatting to one another, browsing through piles of books in the shop, and talking about writing. 

I had never been to Dubai before, and I enjoyed seeing that intriguing city, but the highlight of the festival was undoubtedly meeting so many interesting readers and writers. Here are two of them, Philip Ardagh and John Dougherty. 

Alongside all these meetings and conversations, and going to various fascinating events, I did several sessions about my own books. 

I led a creative writing group of twenty children and adults, who created some very imaginative stories. I travelled to the English College and talked to the Years 7s. I spoke on a panel with Klaus Flugge, publisher and owner of Andersen Press, and two legendary illustrators, Michael Foreman and Satoshi Kitamura. Thanks for @NotCoolHolmes for the photo: 

And on the last day of the festival, I did a Dragonsitter event; thanks to @JanLaurent for taking this picture: 

Alongside all these literary endeavours, I managed to find time to sneak out of the hotel and have a closer look at the tallest building in the world: 

And I took a trip to the desert: if you look very closer at these white cars, you might be able to spot a few famous authors... 

Also in the desert, I rode a camel: 

And I got the opportunity to hold a falcon named Ziggy. 

I did tell her about Ziggy the dragon in the Dragonsitter, but she wasn't terribly interested. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

You are invited to a party!

Please come and celebrate Eddie's birthday.

The fabulous magician Mister Mysterio will be performing his amazing tricks.

There may also be dragons...

Out now: The Dragonsitter's Party, the fifth Dragonsitter book.